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The overriding business philosophy at Youngerman Search Partners is a relatively simple one:


“To provide clients and/or candidates with search capabilities or career counsel that adds value to either parties professional experience in both a tangible and intangible manner.”


We see our role as two-fold;


1) We offer talent solutions to clients and candidates with a long-term focus that strives to maximize the human equity role in successful business.  

2) We make every effort to partner in a collaborative, partnering style that is focused solely on strength of match and provides counsel both parties appreciate in content.


“All recruiting activities are always conducted in a straightforward, enjoyable, and ethical manner which enhances the recruitment process for all involved.”


Youngerman Search Partners is a retained executive search firm. Y.S.P.’s fees are either retained and/or a modified retainer (container) unless otherwise agreed upon.    

Debra Bennett has over 15 years of experience recruiting top level Sales, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource talent on a nationwide basis. Over time, she has established a strong network of candidates developed through multiple sources and builds relationships through mutual trust, professionalism, and ability to garner the true motivators in a candidate’s decision making process.


Debra realizes as the first contact to the marketplace she is an extension of the client brand and, as a result, can project a lasting image making our clients an "employer of choice” regardless of process outcome.


As Research Manager at Youngerman Search Partners Debra utilizes new-age sourcing techniques such as social media and deep internet sourcing; however, she holds a firm belief that old school networking to ID the true talent that employers really don’t want recruited away is most effective.

Executive Research and Relationship Establishment

Debra Bennett

Research Manager